• GEOMELT® 55 (Beet Juice) Liquid Organic Additive for salt or brine is a highly effective treatment to prevent bulk salt/sand stockpile freeze. This patented de-sugared beet juice works at lower temperatures and adheres to roads longer than non-patented liquids.
  • Aluma Brite aluminum brightener quickly cleans, brightens and gently deoxidizes aluminum surfaces such as tuck, trailer and aircraft surfaces. Also removes road soil and exhaust deposits.
  • BAC-EN-CLEAN Grease Trap/Lift Station Maintainer keeps grease traps free-flowing while reducing odors, not only preventing clogs, but also reducing expensive pump-outs. BAC-EN-CLEAN is a blend of 7 bacterial strains and a fortified enzyme system which breaks down grease, fat, and other complex organic materials naturally. #1 BEST SELLER FOR GREASE TRAP MAINTENANCE  
  • BIOMELT® Granular Ice Melt is an engineered ice melt product formulated with a biotechnology-produced ingredient made from corn plus a specified blend of sodium chloride salt screened to a specific particle size to enhance flowability through spreaders. This unique blend is environmentally friendly and extremely effective at low temperatures -20°F.
  • CPI BLAST is a heavy-duty industrial foam cleaner and degreaser with powerful "foam gun" spray that works ultra-fast dissolving grease.
  • BLUE FOX 1 Neutral pH Degreaser, Cleaner and Deodorizer is water soluble, sodium-free, non-butyl and free from acids and alkalis. It will not cause corrosion of soft metals, such as aluminum, magnesium and zinc. It's ability to emulsify oils, grease, cutting oils and other forms of inorganic soil is outstanding. BLUE FOX 1 is perfect for finished floor maintenance and degreasing and cleaning floors before applying floor finishes.
  • CHERRY BURST Hand Cleaner is an industrial strength cherry scented pumice hand cleaner designed to remove tough soils without irritation.
  • CPI Cling Bowl & Porcelain Cleaner is used to clean and deodorize toilet bowls, urinals and acid resistant sinks and tubs. The clinging action allows the cleaning compounds to make full contact with encrusted lime, hard water deposits, rust and other stains.
  • CLION-X™ is a neutralizing wash designed to effectively remove chloride salt residue from salt spreaders, plows, truck bodies and frames. Avoid costly vehicle deterioration by adding CLION-X to your fleet maintenance program today.
  • #1 SELLING MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT! Correl-Lube 800 is a bentone base, non-melt lubricant with extreme pressure additives. High-pressure, extreme-temperature grease that delivers superior lubrication in high-pressure conditions and in constant temperatures as high as 500°F. Correl-Lube 800 contains special rust and corrosion inhibitors that allow it to resist water, steam, salt spray, oxidation and most acids.
  • CPI Clean Green

    Comes in Cases of 6 or 12
    CPI Clean Green Waterless Hand Cleaner quickly removes grease, ink, oil, tar, asphalt, and other soils without water, leaving yours hands feeling clean and soft. Perfect for mechanics and truck drivers on the go.
  • Dry Moly Lubricant is a high temperature and extreme pressure dry lubricant fortified with molybdenum disulfide that dries to a hard black coating very quickly. It adheres to most all substrates, especially metal, with minimum surface preparation. Use Dry Moly for applications such as drive chains, furnace maintenance, lubrication of kilns and ovens, conveyors, gasket coatings as well as anti-seize and mold release operations.
  • DYNAMITE Hand Scrub is our #1 selling hand scrub. This is the one concentrated soap that does it all, cleans even the dirtiest hands with no problem.
  • E.P. 772 GEAR LUBE is our #1 SELLING GEAR LUBRICANT. E.P. 772 GEAR LUBE contains additives to reduce foam and maintain lower operating temperatures. It adheres to metal surfaces for minimal friction, wear and prevents dry starts. It maximizes protection in extreme duty conditions. Oxidation inhibitors coupled with selected paraffin base oils provide maximum protection. Cooler operating temperatures prolong oil life and provide extended drain intervals.
  • ECOSALT™ DEICER is an eco-friendly medium granular de-icing product that is treated with GEOMELT® 55 Liquid Organic Accelerator, a natural beet product that features ice-control performance superior to traditional highway salt. It is less corrosive and can reduce overall environmental damage from winter maintenance operations compared to traditional rock salts. It's proven technology that can be used to pre-treat a surface or to de-ice accumulation at temperatures where regular salt does not work well.
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