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We’ve Made Winter Roads Safer Since 1999

The experts at Road Solutions know snow and ice management. With a combined portfolio of over 80 years in the industry, you’ve come to the right source to successfully navigate and manage whatever winter weather throws your way.  We believe in an organic approach to snow and ice melting that is safer for the environment and your equipment. Road Solutions manufactures and distributes high-tech, de-icing and anti-icing agents that are environmentally correct and derived from de-sugared beet juice and corn syrup which serve the needs of both state/local governments, institutions, industry, commercial and non-commercial entities. Since 1999, we pride ourselves on helping customers reduce employee overtime and fuel costs associated with winter operations.

Our full service program includes: cost analysis, equipment review, and training for your staff regarding proper stockpile treatments, adjustments to prewetters and direct spray equipment. We also work with the private sector of snow control. These include: landscapers, contractors, and other private sector snow removal companies.

  • Municipalities
  • Transportation
  • Snow Removal Companies

  • Schools, Colleges/Universities
  • Airports