Correlated Products, Incorporated (CPI) was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1953. We have grown from a small, local manufacturing operation into a national organization. Our service area begins locally and reaches all areas of the country and across the globe. CPI partners with its customers to find solutions to their maintenance needs. Our well-trained sales force can visit your facility (in-person or virtually) to recommend appropriate CPI products and systems which save time and money as well as improve plant, property, and employee safety. Check out our broad list of proprietary products.

Road Solutions, (RSI) a division of Correlated, was created in 1999 to manufacture and distribute high-tech de-icing and anti-icing agents. RSI products are environmentally-correct, derived from beet juice and corn syrup which serve the needs of both state/local governments, institutions, industry, commercial and non-commercial entities. We offer a full-service program which includes: cost analysis, equipment review, and training of your staff regarding proper stockpile treatment, adjustment of pre-wetters, and direct spray equipment.

Both CPI and RSI provide customer training programs, comprehensive product information, safety recommendations, and chemical handling instructions to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our clients and their employees.

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