E.P. 772 GEAR LUBE OIL contains additives to reduce foam and maintain lower operating temperatures. It adheres to metal surfaces for minimal friction and prevents dry starts. Oxidation inhibitors coupled with selected paraffin base oils provide maximum protection in extreme duty conditions. The cooler operating temperatures prolong oil life and provide extended drain intervals.

  • 90W
  • SAE 85W140


E.P.772 GEAR LUBE OIL is formulated with premium quality paraffin based stock oils, made especially for extreme use, and heavy-duty applications. Extreme pressure additives enable E.P.772 to withstand the most severe shock loads while the adhesive/cohesive agents provide maximum protection for gears. Oxidation/Corrosion Inhibitors and Anti-Wear/Anti-Foam Additives complete the package for unsurpassed metal-to-metal gear protection. E.P.772 meets or exceeds MIL-L-2105 B-C.

Available in 90 wt. and 85/140 wt.

E.P.772 is used as a service fill for axles, manual transmissions, transfer cases, power dividers, differentials, heavy-duty hypoid and spiral bevel axles, automotive and industrial worm gears and particularly on conventional axles using phosphate treated gears.


Use E.P. 772 Gear Oil in freshly drained gearboxes. Never mix with “SCL” lubricants. If gearboxes must be flushed before adding new fill, flush only with a solvent that will evaporate completely. DO NOT OVERFILL gearbox as foaming, high temperature or damage to seals may occur. With vented gearboxes, check vents to see that they are open and working properly. DO NOT use E.P. 772 Gear Oil for automatic transmissions or farm and industrial tractors or any equipment with combined transmission, axle and hydraulic systems.

Available: 5 gallon pail

Safety Data Sheet-90W  | Safety Data Sheet-85W140  |  Product Data Sheet

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