GEOMELT® S7 Anti-icing/Deicing Liquid

GEOMELT® S7 Anti-icing/Deicing Liquid

GEOMELT® S7 Anti-icing/Deicing Liquid is an eco-friendly, all natural surface treatment of patented GEOMELT 55 blended with sodium chloride brine to make a superior anti-icing and de-icing liquid that is less corrosive than brine alone.

  • Made in U.S.A
  • Ready-to-use Formulation
  • De-sugared Beet Juice/Brine
  • 30% GEOMELT 55 blended with 70% Brine


GEOMELT® S7 Anti-icing/Deicing Liquid is a 70/30 Beet/Brine Blend is highly effective for pre-wet, anti-icing and deicing. Our eco-friendly, 70/30 blend includes the patented GEOMELT 55 and a sodium chloride brine which melts snow and ice at extreme temperatures. GEOMELT S7 reduces salt application rates by ~up to 30% and substantially lowers operating costs while providing a sustainable and environmentally sensitive alternative for winter road maintenance programs.


  • PNS Approved
  • Ready-to-use formulation
  • Pre Storm: apply before the storm as an anti-icing agent
  • Prevents bonding of ice on hard pack
  • Residual will last up to 4-6 days
  • Post ice: superior hard pack melting capabilities
  • Freeze Point: -30°F (-35°C)
  • Less corrosive than standard brines

Available: 55 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote, 4500 gallon tanker load

Safety Data Sheet   |   Product Data Sheet


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