BIOMELT® SUPREME Anti-icing/Deicing Fluid

BIOMELT® SUPREME Anti-icing/Deicing Fluid

BIOMELT® SUPREME Anti-icing/Deicing fluid is a bio-engineered agricultural additive derived from renewable resources that features snow and ice control performance superior when added to traditional brines, but less corrosive. BIOMELT SUPREME can reduce application rates by 30 – 50% compared to typical acetate and chloride deicers and substantially reduce operating costs while providing a sustainable and environmentally sensitive alternative. 

  • Lowers the freezing point of salt or brine
  • Less corrosive


 BIOMELT® SUPREME is engineered to be blended with sodium chloride brine for prewet, anti-icing, deicing applications. Optimum blended formulation is 30% BIOMELT SUPREME plus 70% sodium chloride brine. No special blending equipment necessary. 


  • No special blending equipment necessary
  • Lowers the freeze point
  • Anti-ice / De-ice effective to -30° F
  • AND reduce corrosion on bridges and equipment

BIOMELT Supreme Anti-icing/Deicing Fluid is highly effective for lowering salt, mag, or calcium freeze points. The suggested usage levels should be considered as starting points and should be adjusted based on field operator experience, current local conditions and weather expectations. See product data sheet for application guidelines.

Available: 55 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote, 4500 gallon tanker load

Product Data Sheet  |  Safety Data Sheet

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