ECOSALT® is treated with GEOMELT® 55 Liquid Organic Accelerator, a natural agricultural product that features snow and ice control performance superior to traditional rock salt, but is less corrosive to equipment and environment. ECOSALT® has an effective working temperature to  -20°F  and will reduce salt consumption by 30% increasing equipment and employee efficiency.

 Anti-icing pre-storm prevents snow and ice from bonding with pavement, making removal easier
 De-icing cuts through hard pack breaking bond with pavement, making removal easier
 Reduce application rate 30%
 Lowers maintenance costs by reduced application rates
 Reduce corrosion rate up to 60%
 Lowers operating cost by increased equipment and employee efficiency
 Reduce bounce and scatter loss during application by 80%
 Reduced application rate reduces negative impact on environment

Available:  50# bags and skidloads

Safety Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet