CLION-X™ is a neutralizing wash designed to effectively remove chloride salt residue from salt spreaders, plows, truck bodies and frames. Avoid costly vehicle deterioration by adding CLION-X to your fleet maintenance program today.


Use CLION-X™ to remove the chloride-ion and extend the life of your equipment.

Remove and neutralize chloride ions attached to your equipment with CLION-X. Chloride salt residue forms a strong and corrosive bond with painted and unpainted metals. It is extremely important to remove all traces of chloride salt residue from equipment to prevent rust and prolong the life of your investment.

Mix CLION-X with water at 8 oz. per gallon and use to wash equipment as normal. For heavy buildup of salts, mix with water at 10 oz. per gallon.

Available: 5 gallon pail and 55 gallon drum.

Safety Data Sheet  |  Product Data Sheet

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