GEO BEET™ is a liquid, agricultural product derived from de-sugared beet juice.

  • Commonly mixed with chlorides, salt or brine to create effective dust control, soil stabilization, and dust abatement products
  • Use alone for binding limestone dust
  • Use as a tire ballast to help increase tire traction and prevent equipment tip-overs


GEO BEET™ is a liquid, de-sugared beet juice additive which is use to create an effective dust control, soil stabilization, and dust abatement product. It also has applications as a binding agent when used alone (neat) for limestone dust to form pellets.

GEO BEET™ is available as a liquid with 65% solids content or 55% solids content.


As a Limestone Dust Binding Agent

The usage rate should be adjusted based on field operator experience and expectations.

For Dust Control or Soil/Road Stabilization

To control dust or for soil stabilization, add 10-20% of GEO BEET™ to a liquid solution comprised of sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium, and/or potassium.

  • For dust control or soil stabilization: apply the mixture at 1/2 gal per square yard. 
  • For dust abatement: apply the mixture at 1/3 gal per square yard.
  • Try our ready-to-use GEO BEET™ and chloride mixture for soil stabilization and dust control Road Control Plus.

GEO BEET™ can also be used as a Tire Ballast to help give tires extra traction and prevent tip-overs. GEO BEET is all non-toxic–won’t harm wildlife, farm animals, pets, or crops in the case of spills. It is non-corrossive to rims, and works great with tubeless tire applications.

 Available: 55 gallon, 275 gallon tote, 4500 gallon tanker load

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