GEO BEET™ is a liquid, agricultural product derived from de-sugared beet juice which is mixed with chlorides, salt or brine to create an effective dust control, soil stabilization, and dust abatement product and can be used alone for binding limestone dust.


GEO BEET™ is a liquid, de-sugared beet juice additive which is use to create an effective dust control, soil stabilization, and dust abatement product. It also has applications as a binding agent when used alone (neat) for limestone dust to form pellets.

GEO BEET™ is available as a liquid with 65% solids content or 55% solids content.


As a Limestone Dust Binding Agent

The usage rate should be adjusted based on field operator experience and expectations.

For Dust Control or Soil/Road Stabilization

To control dust or for soil stabilization, add 10-20% of GEO BEET™ to a liquid solution comprised of sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium, and/or potassium.

  • For dust control or soil stabilization: apply the mixture at 1/2 gal per square yard. 
  • For dust abatement: apply the mixture at 1/3 gal per square yard.
  • Try our ready-to-use GEO BEET™ and chloride mixture for soil stabilization and dust control Road Control Plus.

GEO BEET™ can also be used as a Tire Ballast it helps give tires extra traction and prevent tip-overs. GEO BEET is 100% non-toxic won’t harm wildlife, farm animals, pets, or crops in the case of spills. It is non-corrossive to rims, and works great with tubeless tire applications.

 Available: 55 gallon, 275 gallon tote, 4500 gallon tanker load

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