CPI BLAST is a heavy-duty industrial foam cleaner and degreaser with powerful “foam gun” spray that works ultra-fast dissolving grease and other grime. Just spray on, wait momentarily, and rinse grease and dirt away.


CPI BLAST is a heavy-duty industrial foam cleaner and degreaser. The multi-purpose citrus aerosol safely cleans a wide variety of hard surfaces.  Spray a thick layer of foam to ensure proper coverage. It’s self indicating foam quickly breaks down grease and becomes “dirty” indicating soil is ready to be flushed away.  Clings to vertical surfaces for enhanced performance and prolonged contact time and leaves a fresh citrus scent. For difficult to remove stains and soils, allow foam to remain on surface for several minutes before flushing. Repeat applicationas needed. A stiff bristled brush may be useful for loosening stubborn soils.

  • Excellent multi-surface citrus cleaner
  • Spray on, flush away
  • Fast acting foam loosens tough soils and grease

BLAST can be used for dirty engines, oily machinery, greasy tools, lawn equipment, construction equipment, farm and road equipment, driveways and parking lots, industrial equipment, air conditioning coils, signs, fans, exhaust vents, trailers, boats, docks, and dairy equipment.

Available: 12 aerosols/case

Safety Data Sheet  |  Product Data Sheet

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