Liquid & Granular Products

CPI Road Solutions specializes in highly-effective, environmental-friendly, granular and liquid soil stabilization, deicing and anti-icing products for roads and similar surfaces that are safer for equipment and the environment. Call today for a quote.

  • GEOMELT® 55 (Beet Juice) Liquid Organic Additive for salt or brine is a highly effective treatment to prevent bulk salt/sand stockpile freeze. GEOMELT features superior anti-ice/deicing performance when added to liquid chlorides for snow and ice removal. This patented de-sugared beet juice works at lower temperatures and adheres to roads longer than non-patented options.
    • Made in U.S.A.
    • Effective at low temperatures (-25° F)
    • Reduces corrosion
    • Prevents bonding ice and hard pack to the road surface
    • Reduces bounce and scatter of road salt at the spinner
  • BIOMELT® Granular Ice Melt is an engineered ice melt product formulated with a biotechnology-produced ingredient made from corn plus a specified blend of sodium chloride salt screened to a specific particle size to enhance flowability through spreaders. This unique blend is environmentally friendly and extremely effective at low temperatures -20°F.
  • BIOMELT® SUPREME Anti-icing/Deicing fluid is a bio-engineered agricultural additive derived from renewable resources that features snow and ice control performance superior when added to traditional brines, but less corrosive. BIOMELT SUPREME can reduce application rates by 30 – 50% compared to typical acetate and chloride deicers and substantially reduce operating costs while providing a sustainable and environmentally sensitive alternative. 
    • Lowers the freezing point of salt or brine
    • Less corrosive
  • ECOSALT™ DEICER is an eco-friendly medium granular de-icing product that is treated with GEOMELT® 55 Liquid Organic Accelerator, a natural beet product that features ice-control performance superior to traditional highway salt. It is less corrosive and can reduce overall environmental damage from winter maintenance operations compared to traditional rock salts. It's proven technology that can be used to pre-treat a surface or to de-ice accumulation at temperatures where regular salt does not work well.
  • GEO BEET® is a liquid, agricultural product derived from de-sugared beet juice.
    • Commonly mixed with chlorides to create a cost effective dust control, soil stabilization, and dust abatement product
    • Use it alone for binding limestone dust, transforming limestone dust to pellets
    • Use as a tire ballast to help increase tire traction and prevent equipment tip-overs
  • GEOMELT® Plus Anti-icing/Deicing Liquid is an eco-friendly, all natural surface treatment containing GEOMELT® 55 blended with Natural brine to make a superior anti-icing and deicing liquid that is less corrosive than brine alone.
    • Made in U.S.A
    • Ready-to-use Formulation
    • De-sugared Beet Juice and Natural Brine containing Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium chloride
    • Works to -30F
  • GEOMELT® S7 Anti-icing/Deicing Liquid is an eco-friendly, all natural surface treatment of patented GEOMELT 55 blended with sodium chloride brine to make a superior anti-icing and de-icing liquid that is less corrosive than brine alone.
    • Made in U.S.A
    • Ready-to-use Formulation
    • De-sugared Beet Juice/Brine
    • 30% GEOMELT 55 blended with 70% Brine
  • Control dusty roads at campgrounds, gravel pits, construction sites and more.

    Road Control Plus® is an environmentally safe polymer derived from natural ingredients including de-sugared beet juice. The ready-to-use blend of GEO BEET®, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride is a biodegradable, non-toxic, cost-effective dust suppressant and soil stabilizer.  Road Control Plus is available for immediate shipment via a common carrier in 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes. Bulk truck loads (4500 gal) are shipped via one of our contracted carriers from one of our depots located nearest your zip code. Best used for 
    • Dust abatement
    • Dust control
    • Soil stabilazation
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