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We have a variety of cleaning and maintenance product options for the automotive and transportation industries. CPI Correlated Products line includes heavy duty cleaners, protectants, washes, lubricants, and degreasers. Contact us today for a quote.

  • ALUMA-BRITE is an outstanding product for the cleaning and brightening of un-painted, over-the-road aluminum (truck) trailers. It also works well as a cleaning and etching agent in preparing metal surfaces prior to painting or welding. ALUMA-BRITE will dissolve rust and rust stains on painted surfaces, metal parts, concrete floors and bricks. It also works well for the cleaning of fiberglass boats.
    • Concentrated formula
    • Aluminum cleaner and brightener
    • Oxidation remover
  • CHERRY BURST Hand Cleaner is an industrial strength, cherry scented pumice, hand cleaner designed to remove tough soils without irritation.
  • CLION-X™ is a neutralizing wash designed to effectively remove chloride salt residue from salt spreaders, plows, truck bodies and frames. Avoid costly vehicle deterioration by adding CLION-X to your fleet maintenance program today.
  • Multi-purpose lubricant for high-pressure, extreme temperature conditions Correl-Lube 800 is a bentone base, non-melt lubricant with extreme pressure additives. High-pressure, extreme-temperature grease that delivers superior lubrication in high-pressure conditions and in constant temperatures as high as 500°F. Correl-Lube 800 contains special rust and corrosion inhibitors that allow it to resist water, steam, salt spray, oxidation and most acids.
  • CPI Clean Green

    Purchase a Case of 6, 12, or Add to Quote for Bulk Requests
    CPI Clean Green Waterless Hand Cleaner quickly removes grease, ink, oil, tar, asphalt, and other soils without water, leaving your hands feeling clean, refreshed and soft. Conveniently packaged in 16 oz. bottles that are perfect for mechanics and truck drivers on the go. Contains skin conditioning aloe vera with a fresh green apple scent.
    • Rub on hands and wipe away tough soils - waterless, no water required
    • Contains skin conditioning aloe vera
    • Perfect size for truck consoles or tool box
    • Fresh green apple scent
  • Dry Moly Lubricant is a high temperature, extreme pressure, dry lubricant. It provides excellent lubrication properties without attraction of dust or dirt, creating a smooth, frictionless surface for maximum operating efficiency. Use Dry Moly for applications such as drive chains, furnace maintenance, lubrication of kilns and ovens, conveyors, gasket coatings as well as anti-seize and mold release operations.
  • DYNAMITE Hand Scrub is our #1 selling hand scrub. This is the one concentrated soap that does it all, cleans even the dirtiest hands with no problem:
    • greases
    • inks
    • paints
    • and more
    Fortified with a new generation emollient that leaves even the roughest hands feeling great.
  • E.P. 772 GEAR LUBE OIL contains additives to reduce foam and maintain lower operating temperatures. It adheres to metal surfaces for minimal friction and prevents dry starts. Oxidation inhibitors coupled with selected paraffin base oils provide maximum protection in extreme duty conditions. The cooler operating temperatures prolong oil life and provide extended drain intervals.
    • 90W
    • SAE 85W140
  • FORCE ULTRA HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER FORCE is an ultra, heavy-duty, highly concentrated, water soluble, biodegradable industrial solvent capable of emulsifying the heaviest grease and grime. FORCE effectively strips wax and grease, synthetic finishes, oil, soap scum, dirt, sludge, and other films. FORCE may be used on plastic, rubber, concrete, and metal surfaces.
    • Biodegradable
    • Non-flammable
  • GEO BEET® Tire Ballast is a liquid, agricultural product made from de-sugared beet juice. When GEO BEET is used as a tire ballast it helps give tires extra traction and improves tire pulling power, balance, and stability to prevent tip-overs.
    • Compare to Rim Guard® Tire Ballast.
    • Adds weight at 11 pounds/gallon.
    • Non-toxic and won't harm wildlife, farm animals, pets, or crops.
    • Non-corrosive to rims, and works great with tubeless tire applications.
  • MAGIC SHINE aerosol works almost instantly, with no wiping required to provide a water-resistant, high gloss shine on most vinyl or plastic surfaces.
    • High gloss shine
    • Watermelon scented
    • Works almost instantly
    • No wiping required
  • MECHANICS HELPER aerosol is a penetrating lubricant that quickly loosens rusted nuts, bolts and fittings. It cleans, protects and lubricates in one easy step. Spray directly on frozen metal parts to lubricate and loosen rusted areas.
    • Prevents corrosion
    • Displaces moisture
    Perfect for use in auto garages, marinas, machine shops, industrial facilities and for use on construction and farm machinery.
  • MOLYCOR Professional Black Coating is a flexible, black, rubberized coating for use on auto bodies, undercages and truck beds, plows, trailers, loaders, graders, conveyors, tools and equipment, plumbing pipes, water tanks, etc. It is an extremely durable rust and corrosion inhibitor. It resists chipping and will not crack or peel with age.
    • Stop rust
    • Prevent rust
    • Waterproof
    • Deadens sound
  • OCC ORANGE CITRUS cleaner (Orange 90) uses the natural cleaning power of Limonene from orange peel to clean and deodorize leaving the clean scent of fresh oranges. This all-natural, organic degreaser is a one-step, multipurpose formula that strips grease and heavy oil deposits from virtually any surface. It will emulsify instantly in water at ambient temperature to penetrate and liquefy many different types of resin and grease. The deodorizing orange scent removes tar, adhesives, ink, grease and more .
  • RADIANT 1 Ultra High Gloss Silicone Tire Shine is a ready-to-use rubber and vinyl restorer which provides a deep, rich shine with a pleasant vanilla fragrance. Use as a weather protectant for rubber tires or on vinyl tops and dashboards.
  • Rapid-Solv Brake Cleaner and Parts Degreaser. Removes grease, oil, brake dust, brake fluid and other contaminants from disc and drum brake components almost instantly. Helps stop brake squealing and can improve brake performance. Cleans parts without disassembly. Degreases almost instantly and leaves no residue. Available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Contact us today for a quote.
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