RADIANT 1 Ultra High Gloss Silicone Tire Shine is a ready-to-use rubber and vinyl restorer which provides a deep, rich shine with a pleasant vanilla fragrance. Use as a weather protectant for rubber tires or on vinyl tops and dashboards.


RADIANT 1 Ultra High Gloss Silicone Dressing is a ready-to-use rubber and vinyl restorer, offers a solvent based dressing to provide a long lasting gloss finish. RADIANT 1 restores moisture and provides a deep, rich shine with a pleasant vanilla fragrance. Best results when sprayed on clean tires, side panels, dashboards and vinyl tops. RADIANT 1 also prevents cracking and fading.


Exterior & Interior:

1. Apply RADIANT 1 to cloth or applicator pad.

2. Wipe RADIANT 1 evenly on vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces with applicator.

3. Allow to dry, or wipe dry with clean towel.


1. Thoroughly clean tires prior to using RADIANT 1.

2. Allow tire to dry before applying RADIANT 1.

3. Apply product directly to tire with trigger sprayer or applicator pad and wipe as needed.

4. Allow product to dry before driving vehicle.

5. Thoroughly rinse with water.

Available: 5 gallon pail

Safety Data Sheet | Product Data Sheet

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