OCC ORANGE CITRUS cleaner uses the natural power of Limonene to clean, clear and maintain drains and grease traps with No Harsh Acids or Caustics. Natural orange scent.


OCC ORANGE CITRUS uses the natural cleaning power of Limonene from orange peel extract to maintain open and free-flowing drains and grease traps. ORANGE CITRUS also has excellent deodorizing action to flush away problem odors, leaving the clean scent of fresh oranges.

Use OCC ORANGE CITRUS to keep sink, floor and bathroom drains fresh smelling and free flowing. Add it directly to grease traps to flush away problem accumulations, or pour into septic tanks, wet wells and drain fields to eliminate odor and grease build-up.

Deodorizes with a fresh citrus scent.

Emulsifies in water.

Removes grease from

  • lift stations
  • grease traps
  • drains
  • heavy equipment
  • machined parts and gaskets
  • motors
  • molds
  • kitchen applications – ovens, hoods
  • floors and walls


To open clogged or slow drains, add contents directly to drain and allow to act for 30 minutes. Then flush with hot water.

For regular drain maintenance and deodorizing, add weekly.

To clean grease traps, add contents directly to trap or pour into sink drain nearest the trap. Allow to act overnight, and then flush with hot water.

Available: 4×1 gallon case, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum.

Safety Data Sheet  |  Product Data Sheet

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