Drain Care

CPI Correlated Products offers drain and sewer care for less. Degrease, deodorize and de-gunk drains, sewers and grease traps with products you can trust from CPI. Call us today for a quote.

  • BAC-EN-CLEAN Grease Trap/Lift Station Maintainer keeps grease traps free-flowing while reducing odors, not only preventing clogs, but also reducing expensive pump-outs. BAC-EN-CLEAN┬áis a blend of 7 bacterial strains and a fortified enzyme system which breaks down grease, fat, and other complex organic materials naturally.
    • Grease traps
    • Lift stations
    • Sink and Floor Drains

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    CPI BIO FRESH Enzymatic Odor Control Concentrate is effective against odors caused by:
    • pet accidents
    • urine
    • vomit
    • decomposing food
    • water
    • smoke damage
    Designed for industrial odor control, CPI BIO FRESH quickly eliminates a wide range of strong, foul odors through bio-enzymatic action that consumes the source of the odor. This water soluble, non-toxic, biodegradable concentrate is packed with enzyme-producing bacteria to digest the molecular odor and leave behind an ultra-fresh, clean scent, ELIMINATING ODORS ALL DAY!
  • OCC ORANGE CITRUS cleaner (Orange 90) uses the natural cleaning power of Limonene from orange peel to clean and deodorize leaving the clean scent of fresh oranges. This all-natural, organic degreaser is a one-step, multipurpose formula that strips grease and heavy oil deposits from virtually any surface. It will emulsify instantly in water at ambient temperature to penetrate and liquefy many different types of resin and grease. The deodorizing orange scent removes tar, adhesives, ink, grease and more .
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