Waverly Strip 210

Waverly Strip 210

Waverly Strip 210 Water-Based Paint Stripper opens the pores of coatings and penetrates down to the substrate where it destabilizes the bond thus releasing the paint from the surface. This adhesion release causes paint to lift in sheets or large chips; removal and clean up are greatly simplified and costs of removal are dramatically lowered.


Waverly Strip 210 Water-Based Paint Stripper, designed for speed and safety, makes complete coating removal more efficient, with minimal need for protective equipment, ventilation or breathing apparatus.



  • Paint, epoxy, stain or polyurethanes from concrete/terrazzo, VCT floors
  • Paint, alkyds, epoxy, stain or polyurethanes from chemical or water storage tanks
  • Graffiti from unpainted, porous surfaces such as block walls
  • Decals and coatings from trucks
  • Powder coating from rejected parts or from hooks, hangars, jigs and trolleys
  • Any type of paint or coating where media-blasting is not allowed (environmental concerns, explosion concerns)
  • Paint or coatings from wood siding or interior jambs and sills
  • Can be used in conjunction with media blasting as a “one-two” punch
  • Paint from objects found in patient rooms, or hotel/motel rooms where low odor is a must (e.g. air conditioning units)


  • Water-based, coating-remover alternatives to harmful solvent strippers
  • 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, virtually odorless, non-irritating and cost-effective means of removing old paint systems
  • Can be used where abrasive blasting or high-pressure washing cannot be performed
  • Does not contain methylene chloride or any other harmful ingredients
  • Very high flash point (>180F) and non-flammable for greater safety
  • Total voc’s < 70 gm/liter using the new California method (none are regulated)
  • No hap’s or tap’s (hazardous or toxic air pollutants)
  • Not regulated by authorities for worker health and safety (OSHA and WHMIS)
  • Non-regulated by DOT, TDG
  • Can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray pump

Available: 4 x 1 gallon/case, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum

Safety Data Sheet   |   Technical Data Sheet   |   Coating Selection Guide

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