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Town of Belmont Massachusetts Geomelt® Testimony

When we used the material (Geomelt®)Saturday night Sunday morning and I think it made a big improvement. So did my guys because we went out Saturday early around 4-5:00 in the afternoon/ evening..started snowing here till like 1:00 AM Sunday morning and we didn't have to go out again till 5-6 p.m.Snow was coming down [...]

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City of Lawrence teams up with Road Solutions to fight winter weather.

Last year, the city of Lawrence experimented with ICE BITE S, an anti-icing and de-icing fluid made from a natural agricultural product(white sugar beet juice extract) blended with sodium chloride liquid that features ice control performance superior to traditional brines but less corrosive. Introducing liquids into the city’s arsenal proved beneficial last year and they’ve [...]

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