Driveway pre treated with Ice BiteOur customers love to share their success stories with us on how effective our product is.  It makes them look good and it sure makes us feel good to know that our product can knock the socks off of our competition.  When results and performance count, experience the Ice Bite® advantage and you’ll never go back to using anything else.

Road Solutions offers several different blends of ICE BITE to meet customers specifications and/or needs.   ICE BITE can be blended with sodium chloride liquid (ICE BITE S), natural brine(ICE BITE NB),  magnesium chloride (ICE BITE M), or Aqua Salina which is a natural saltwater brine.  Each offer varying benefits and features that any of the Road Solutions experts would be willing to educate you on.  Road Solutions is in its 16th year of supplying ICE BITE which is the original beet juice introduced in 1999.   Road Solutions sales reps have a combined portfolio of over 250 years in the industry.  They can guide you from initial consultation,  through product training and application, to ongoing support.

Ice Bite® is a highly versatile liquid agri-based anti-icer/de-icer.  Add Ice Bite® to brines.  Anti-ice or De-ice using Ice Bite®.  Apply Ice Bite® at the spinner, or use to pile treat salt.

Ice Bite® lowers the overall lane mile costs of fighting winter storms.

Ice Bite® is a natural fit for government agencies or anyone working with a reduced budget (do more with less = Ice Bite.)

Ice Bite® mixes with all brines (salt brine, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride) and stays blended.

Ice Bite® has proven residual effects that will extend the life of your salt brine by as much as 3 days.

Ice Bite® in your brine is your insurance policy against premature refreezing of straight brine (23% brine 77% water.)

Ice Bite’s® residual strength prevents ice, snow and hard-pack from bonding to the pavement; eliminating the need for second and third applications of chlorides, in most storm events.

Ice Bite® blends with chlorides at ratios as low as 15% Ice Bite®  to 85% brine.

Ice Bite® reduces rock salt application rates to as low as 200 lbs. per lane mile with just one application.

Ice Bite® is highly effective at melting snow, ice, black ice and preventing frost to –30°F.

Ice Bite® on rock salt is a natural fit and will reduce bounce and scatter by 25 to 45%.  This is possible because salt treated with Ice Bite starts the brining immediately (30% faster than dry salt.)

Salt treated with Ice Bite® stays on the road surface.

Ice Bite® helps prevent salt from freezing in dump bodies and spreader boxes.  It also prevents rock salt from caking and freezing in storage piles.

Ice Bite® helps you comply with the E.P.A.’s Storm Water Acts by reducing the heavy metals and chlorides entering the environment.

Ice Bite® should be circulated in storage tanks for 45 minutes every 30 to 60 days during the off season.

Ice Bite® greatly reduces corrosion on metal equipment and bridges.