Sugarbeet_on_the_field_1We are now at the end of July, which means the kids will soon be heading back to school.  Shortly after that the weather will start to change…..basically winter is coming and it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking about what products you want to purchase when it comes time to deal with snow.  Road Solutions, Inc. has the perfect products to use that are agricultural based.  Now why would anyone want to use a de-icing product that is agricultural based?

Here are 10 reasons:changing-of-seaons2

  1. Materials work to -15°
  2. Reduces application rates by 30% or more
  3. AG products create a “teflon type coating” (non-stick coating) to stop ice and hard pack from bonding to a surface
  4. Residual created from AG product solids reduces need for multiple applications during a storm
  5. Salt treated with AG products reduces bounce and scatter by up to 50%
  6. Eliminates refreeze and hard pack
  7. Eliminates frozen, crusted salt in  salt piles and truck beds
  8. Corrosion reductionICE BITE
  9. Reduces damage to infrastructure
  10. Reduces chlorides in the environment

Not only will using AG products for de-icing help you, but it will help the environment out as well.  With most things these days having a negative impact on the environment, you cannot go wrong with using an AG based product.  Our Ice Bite is treated with beet juice, an agricultural product.  We offer our Ice Bite in several different liquid de-icing products, blended to meet your needs.  For another liquid de-icing AG product, we offer Natural Melt SM.  We also offer a granular de-icing solutions called Complete Melt  and Maximum Salt.

Take a look at our Road Solutions, Inc. page and you will find agriculture based products to meet all of your de-icing needs.  Help limit your environmental footprint this winter and buy AG products for de-icing from Road Solutions, Inc.!