Today marks the first day of summer, bringing along with it all the good and all the bad of summer.  The good being the warm weather and longer daylight hours, but the bad being the bugs and unpleasant smells.  For some businesses summer brings the most business.  Facilities need to be kept clean and smelling fresh.

CPI has products that can be used in preventing all kinds of smells, and some products can even be used to tackle multiple things.  The 8 products listed belowmetered are a few must have cleaning products for the summer:

  1. Bac-En-CleanKitchen: Fats, oils, grease and food debris can accumulate in kitchen drain lines, causing rancid bacteria buildup.  Bac-En-Clean will help all kitchens avoid this issue.
  2. Zep Dumpster DeodorizerWaste Areas: counteract the heats affect on all forms of waste.
  3. Scented Urinal ScreensRestrooms: offensive restroom odors, such as from bacteria buildup in clogged drains, can turn business away.
  4. Very CherryCarpeted Areas:When wet or dirty, carpet can be a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria.  Help keep carpets and mats clean with Very Cherry.
  5. RefreshCarpeted Areas
  6. Neutrazen Metermist SystemKitchen, Restrooms: you can never go wrong with an air freshener present.
  7. Viper Coil CleanerAir Conditioning Units: this product can help avoid undesirable aromas, improve indoor air quality and reduce energy costs.
  8. Slime Free StripsElectronics: help and protect your electronics from the humidity.

Click on the product names above to be taken to the products website to make your purchase!  Help make your customers experience a positive one this summer by cleaning with CPI’s products to prevent and reduce odors.