washing hands

People wash there hands at least 10 times a day.  They need to be washed after using the restroom, before and after you eat, and whenever you touch something dirty.  Depending on your profession they need to be washed a lot more than 10 times a day.  Doctors, nurses, and cooks wash their hands before and after they touch a patient or their food.  The big question here is not how many times you wash your hands a day, but what you use to wash them.  CPI has a variety of different soaps for companies to purchase for everyone to use, but there are two that will work great for everyday washing.  You can choose from one of our liquid soap or one of our foam soaps.  office hand soap

Office Hand Soap basically has everything in one soap.  A lot of people dislike the fact that washing your hands a lot makes them very dry, office hand soap won’t do that.  This is a liquid water-rinseable , pink, opacified hand cleaner with a pure, mild, cleaning action.  It cleans, softens,
smooths and conditions all in one soap thanks to the antiseptic ingredient PCMX.  This product is perfect to use anywhere, for anything, and anyone.

Handy-Foam is your basic soap but is recognized by the EPA as a “green” environmentally safe product with the handy foam“Green Seal Certification”.  It has a rich foam formula that’s enriched with emollients and humectants.  This soap comes with dispensers that can be mounted on the wall or counters.  Mount this product by all of your hand washing stations to help promote clean hand washing.

Nobody wants to get sick, so help stop the spread of germs and keep everyone’s hands clean by purchasing one of CPI’s hand soaps!