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CPI SO CLEAR Glass Cleaner is non-ammoniated ready to use foaming glass and all purpose cleaner that dries quickly and streak-free. Specially formulated with a balanced blend of grease cutting surfactants and solvents to quickly penetrate and remove dirt, soot, fingerprints, perspiration and food soils on glass and other nonporous surfaces. So Clear cleans, shines and polishes.


SO CLEAR Glass Cleaner is a non-ammoniated, fast drying, foaming aerosol glass cleaner, that cleans rapidly and dries streak-free. It easily dissolves smudges, film, scum, smears, bugs and all soil. SO CLEAR is used to clean windows, mirrors, chrome and all other hard non-porous surfaces leaving behind an invisible coating that is dirt resistant.


  • Will not streak or smear.
  • Contains no ammonia-no strong ammonia odor.
  • Polishes glass crystal clear and squeaky clean.
  • Convenient-no diluting, no measuring.
  • Simply spray, then rub dry with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Versatile and excellent for cleaning windows, mirrors, glass, chairs, cabinets, vinyl, porcelain, telephones, formica surfaces, and appliances.
  • For use on automotive windshields and plastics.

Available: 12 aerosols/case, 12 x 1 quarts/case

Safety Data Sheet  |  Product Data Sheet

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