NEW!!!  Convenient, easy to handle, 12 pound shaker contains our best selling, eco-friendly MAXIMUM SALT®.  Safe for pets! MAXIMUM SALT®   is treated with a naturally-derived, environmentally friendly material called GEOMELT®, which has a proven track record established through years of use by winter maintenance professionals. The treatment process coats each granule with a layer of our highly effective GEOMELT® base ingredient.

This coating serves three functions:

  1. First, it maintains a constant film of liquid around each granule so melting begins immediately upon application without waiting for the initial brine process.
  2. Second, once the brine process does start, the initial solution is actually a concentrated GEOMELT® brine blend similar to GEOMELT S®, another value added product in the GEOMELT® family.
  3. Third, the slightly tacky nature of the coating causes the granule to stick to the surface where its applied, significantly reducing bounce and scatter. As a result, MAXIMUM SALT® can be applied at 1/3 the rate of rock salt. That translates directly into more miles treated per load as well as less chlorides being introduced into the environment. The organic coating reduces corrosion to equipment and is less corrosive overall compared to rock salt.

We are excited to offer our best selling MAXIMUM SALT®  in a convenient ready to use SHAKER size for smaller applications such as steps, walkways, and entryways.


4 12 lb shakers per case