All diesel fuel storage is vulnerable to water contamination during transport and storage. The water is conducive to microbial growth, which can lead to several issues throughout the fuel system and engine including clogged injectors and fuel filter.  These issues reduce fuel efficiency and can lead to costly downtime.
Fuel Prep™ Biocide quickly stops microbial activity in the tank before  the fuel works its way into a vehicle, ensuring that the engine runs smoothly  and the entire system is protected from any side effects of microbial activity.

Features and Benefits:

• Fast acting single dose biocide

• Stops 90% of microbial activity   in as little as 6 hours

• Protects the entire fuel system from   corrosion caused by microbial growth

• Helps prevent fuel filter plugging to reduce     maintenance costs and prevent downtime

• Effective in all diesel fuels, including   ULSD and Biodiesel

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