CreteDefender P2 addresses the problems that cause concrete damage.  CreteDefender P2 works “in” the concrete, not “on” the concrete so it can’t wear off or wear out.  It permanently makes concrete impervious to the damage caused by salt and water.  It densifies and hardens the concrete.  It maintains the chemical health of the concrete.

CreteDefender P2 is….

  • A water-carried chemical treatment made of reactive silicates and surfactants, allowing for deep penetration.
  • For portland cement-based concrete, and can be applied any time after the concrete is set.
  • Permanent.  It only needs to be applied once.  It does not sit on top of the concrete like a coating or membrane, therefore, it cannot be worn off.

What CreteDefender P2 Will Do:

  • Harden and increase the abrasion resistance of the concrete.
  • Make concrete impervious to damage caused by water and salt.
  • Eliminate dusting and flaking.
  • Restore the pH of the concrete.
  • Resist stains and damage from chemical spills.
  • Prevent damage from sulfates and acid rain.
  • Protect rebar by delaying or preventing corrosion.

Click here for a short video about CreteDefender.

Safety Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet