Automotive and Transportation

  • SUPERLUBE Multi-purpose Lubricant (AQUASHIELD) is a combination of special water displacement compounds, corrosion inhibitors, solvents, and non-greasy lubricants. SUPERLUBE is used to dry moisture from electrical equipment contact points, automotive distributors, ignition systems, machinery parts, guns, and other equipment.
  • GEO BEET™ Tire Ballast is a liquid, agricultural product made from de-sugared beet juice. When GEO BEET used as a tire ballast it helps give tires extra traction and improves tire pulling power, balance, and stability to prevent tip-overs.
    • Compare to Rim Guard® Tire Ballast
    • Add weight at 11 pounds/gallon
    • Non-toxic and won't harm wildlife, farm animals, pets, or crops.
    • Non-corrosive to rims, and works great with tubeless tire applications.
  • CPI Clean Green

    Purchase a Case of 6 or 12
    CPI Clean Green Waterless Hand Cleaner quickly removes grease, ink, oil, tar, asphalt, and other soils without water, leaving your hands feeling clean, refreshed and soft. Conveniently packaged in 16 oz. bottles that are perfect for mechanics and truck drivers on the go. Contains skin conditioning aloe vera with a fresh green apple scent.
    • Rub on hands and wipe away tough soils - waterless, no water required
    • Contains skin conditioning aloe vera
    • Perfect size for truck consoles or tool box
    • Fresh green apple scent
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