Defense Insect Repellent Wipes


Summer has officially arrived bringing hot, humid weather and all of the pesky insects along for the ride.  Fox 59 has released a news article addressing the newest summer fear, the Zika Virus.  They say the best way to avoid it is to treat it at the source, any area where water sits.

People need to know how to defend themselves against this harmful virus and Correlated Products, Inc. has just the solution.  Use our DEFENSE spray along with our DEFENSE wipes to help protect yourself from pesky mosquitoes.  Our product contains 23% DEET, which is the active ingredient in insect repellents that help repel mosquitoes.  Spray it on your clothing and around all openings of buildings .  It is never too late to start protecting you and everyone else from insects.  Give Correlated Products, Inc. a call at 1(800)428-3266 and place your order today!