The City of Farmington Hills, MI was looking for a “Chloride Free” De-Icer for this newly placed concrete, City and residents were concerned about deterioration and damage to these streets. We had a 2 component plan. Use a “Chloride Free” De-Icer as well as a plain sand (Chloride Free) for ice storms for traction. I believe we all know what maintenance headaches that sand presents. We’ve had to sweep this area mid – winter once already.


After doing some research, getting price quotes as well as finding”Chloride Free” De-Icer’s”  city came back to the Natural Melt SM product.

There were two  alternative products considered Potassium Acetate as well as CMA. Considering cost, availability and application methods. The city  came back to the Natural Melt SM, especially considering we can stretch the usage with the practice of blending it with H2o up to 50%.


The city used this product in the past as a test bed for liquid De-icers  and performance results . This product performed very well. We blended it with Salt Brine as well as various percentages of H2o.

This product also got the city out of a “jam” when we purchased a new brine maker back in the Winter of 14-15. The situation was not good. In the transition of installing the new brine maker and no means of producing brine we used the Natural Melt SM and blended it with H2o to get through a couple of “back to back” events until our new brine maker was up and producing brine.


We are currently using this product as a 60/40% H2o or 50/50% H2o blend to Anti-Ice and De-ice in the concerned  area. The results have been great as this products proves to perform well. The bonus is that we are providing a high level of service while being conscious of the newly placed concrete as well as the environment. Hardly any odor  as well as the color almost clear. Residuals have been noticed as another factor in the decision making process.


The city’s hope that in the future that the Natural Melt SM product will continue to grow in our region . Hopefully the production and demand will help with the cost side of things. As with any street agency budget concerns and product availability are always a challenge.


Our city’s hope is to continue a high level of service and to use less chlorides in our winter maintenance best practices.




Bryan Pickworth

City of Farmington Hills-Michigan

DPW Maintenance Supervisor
Department of Public Services