Molycor system (1)With winter slowly coming around the corner it is time to stat thinking about more than just dealing with the snow, but how the trucks themselves deal with the snow.  Winter is rough on everyone, including the trucks that help living with snow easier.  Road Solutions, Inc. has a 3 step Molycor System that will help prevent your fleet vehicles from forming rust and corrosion.

3 products, 3 steps, that’s all.

  1. Clion-X: this product helps remove harmful chlorides.  This 1st step will help save the most money on maintenance repairs.
  2. Arrest: stops rust and corrosion from happening.  You do not want to come back to your truck at the end of fall to find all the metal on your truck to be eaten away by rust.
  3. Molycor Plus: Prevents rust from continuing to form.

Click on the Molycor System link above to read more about how together these 3 products will save your winter fleet or watch the video below to see for yourself.  Each of these products can be bought separately, but together these products will work magic and save you lots of money on repairs for next winter.  Start planning now and contact us to start protecting your winter fleet!