P/S Latex Gloves PF, Equipment, CPI

Gloves are worn in all industries of work.  Used for cleaning, used in all areas in hospitals and in food preparation in restaurants.  These gloves are worn to protect the person wearing them.  That is why for the workers utmost protection, making it very important to buy high quality and dependable gloves.  There are practices to follow when wearing gloves and if these practices are performed right, the efficiency of the glove will go up.  Here are a few musts to follow:

  • Never reuse gloves
  • Wash hands both before and after use
  • Not all gloves are made for the same tasks
  • When in the process of removing, never touch the outside of the glove
  • Only wear the gloves if they fit you.  Wearing to small of gloves risk tearing, wearing to big of gloves risk slipping off during work.

All of these practices are set to protect all those who wear them.   If you’re ever questioning whether or not something is a practice of safely wearing gloves for work, CleanLink has the answers.

Correlated Products, Inc. offers a wide variety of gloves for its customers.   We carry Blue Nitrile gloves that are allergy safe and are mach stronger than latex gloves.  These cost less and are a lot more comfortable to wear.  We also carry latex, rubber, and Powder Free gloves for those with sensitive skin.  Wear CPI’s gloves for all your work purpose needs, but always remember to practice usage correctly.