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How to Tackle the Unpleasant Smells of Summer

                      Today marks the first day of summer, bringing along with it all the good and all the bad of summer.  The good being the warm weather and longer daylight hours, but the bad being the bugs and unpleasant smells.  For some businesses summer brings [...]

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Playing DEFENSE Against the Zika Virus

Summer has officially arrived bringing hot, humid weather and all of the pesky insects along for the ride.  Fox 59 has released a news article addressing the newest summer fear, the Zika Virus.  They say the best way to avoid it is to treat it at the source, any area where water sits. People need to know [...]

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Prevent Corrosion-Protect Your Assets!

Corrosion is such a massive problem; some estimates put it past $1 trillion in damage to the U.S. economy each year.  Correlated Products, Inc. (CPI) has developed a proven 3 step system to help  protect your assets and prolong the life of your investments.  Work trucks, snow removal equipment trucks, farming equipment, etc. all fall [...]

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Protect yourself against the Zika virus with DEFENSE!

'Scarier than we initially thought': CDC sounds warning on Zika virus USA TODAY‎ - 22 hours ago   The best personal defense against the Zika and West Nile Viruses is to use proper repellent when outdoors.   The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) notes Zika-carrying mosquitos bite during the daytime, so outdoor service technicians should always [...]

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